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How can I get natural gas on my road?

Fill out the form on our Service Area page or call the office to let us know you are interested in getting gas in your area.

The following represents the Gas Main Extension Policy for Gibson County Utility District as approved by the Board of Commissioners on 04-26-2005. All main extensions are subject to economic limitations. Due to budget factors and installation schedules extensions may be deferred until the next fiscal year.

Policy Statement

GCUD establishes this policy stating that natural gas mains will be extended when the following guidelines have been met:

1. At least thirty (30) meters per mile (one meter per 175 feet) will be the criteria to extend a natural gas main into the area surveyed at no cost to the customer(s) Other considerations include:
a. If the nature of the area dictates that potential growth, without a doubt, will insure the thirty (30) meters per mile criteria, within a reasonable period of time.
b. The load potential for the area in which the main extension will be extended provides a reasonable return of investment to GCUD.
c. Developers must meet load requirements in order to provide a reasonable return on investment for main extensions in subdivisions. Refer to the current Developer Agreement Policy. 

2. All fees and cost required for the main extension must be paid prior to the main extension project beginning. Fees are as follows:
a. The $ 350 tap fee is required to establish service.
b. When a new service line is installed or replaced, Section PHMSA Part 192.383 requires the District to install an excess flow valve on that service line. GCUD will install an excess flow valve meeting the performance standards set forth in Section PHMSA Part 192.381.
c. Refer to the EFV Policy for EFV installation on existing service lines.
d. A detailed cost estimate will be provided if cost and fees not already stated in this policy are deemed necessary by GCUD in order to maintain a reasonable return on investment

3. Service Line fees are as follows:
a. Service lines will be billed at $5.00 per foot.
b. If the primary heat source is natural gas and at least one other gas appliance is installed (verified at final inspection) the cost of the service line will be waived.
c. Any additional work after the initial installation of the service line will be billed at $15 per foot.
d. Any service line charges (i.e., excess footage charges) totaling over $300 may be financed for up to 12 months at no interest.

4. If there are not enough customers to justify the length of the natural gas main required, the customer or group of customers has the option to pay $15 per foot to extend the main to customer’s property line. These fees must be paid in advance of the main extension construction.

5. When 100% of the parties have paid their connection fees, the main extension will be scheduled for installation.

6. This policy allows a Church to be considered as one residential customer or one meter.

7. If after 18 months from signing the new line tap application, the contractor/ customer is not ready for GCUD to install the service line, the contract will be voided.

8. The fees and conditions already stated apply to individuals and contractors requesting a tap on an existing natural gas main.

9. All fees and cost are nonrefundable, except when failure of GCUD to provide service within 18 months of the signed agreement.

10. This policy will be reviewed annually by Management.

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