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A). A customer is subject for cut off if any outstanding gas service or related charges is unpaid ten (10) days from due date.

B). If a meter is “locked out” for non-payment a lock out tag will be placed on the meter for information purposes only. This lock out tag does not supersede any GCUD policy.

C). A customer must pay in full all outstanding debt and the standard reconnect fee in order for service to be reconnected. The reconnection fee will be $75.00.

D). The deadline for timely payment will be at the close of business on the date stated on the customer’s billing. Any payment received in the next day’s mail will not be considered as timely payment. Night Deposit and Drop Payment centers will be processed as timely if left on the due date. Late charges will apply to accounts unpaid the day following the due date.

E). “The Collector” will attempt to contact, if valid phone number is available two (2) business days prior to the cutoff date, with a prerecorded message stating the payment deadline.

F). Any customer paying the reconnect fee after the cut off date will be reconnected within two (2) business days from date of payment. Any payment received after 3:00 p.m. will be considered the next business day’s transactions and could further delay reconnection.

G). Once a customer is on the cut off list for disconnect for nonpayment the reconnect fee and the above criteria applies. GCUD will not alter from the cutoff list.

GCUD will not defer from the above policy in order to accommodate any one customer or group of customers.