Year in Review  for 2021-22


This has been another exciting year of growth, positive changes, crazy natural gas prices, and uprating of main lines for Gibson County Utility District.  We continued to install more main lines, 33 miles of main was installed and 204 new services. We have a new customer about to take ownership of the Gibson County Energy Complex. Sapphire Gas Solutions out of Houston, Texas will be compressing natural gas to serve their customers. This is a win/ win for GCUD, our community and our customers.

GCUD has an active hedging policy in place. The average GCUD customer should not see a change in their natural gas bill from last year. Natural gas is $8.44/ MCF for the current month. GCUD has a natural gas buying strategy in place through at least October 2025, with more reasonably priced natural gas for our customers.

This document’s purpose is to give an overview of the accomplishments for 2021-2022 and some insight on what to expect in the near future. As always, our customers and adding burner tips in the home and businesses are the number one priority for GCUD. We also continue to watch the energy policies at State and Federal levels to ensure the future of natural gas. After all, natural gas is one of the best energy sources for American homes and businesses.  The EIA reported in 2020 natural gas consumption in the U.S. with 38% of total consumption for electric power and only 15% for residential use. Be very aware of where electricity to fuel the new electric vehicles comes from… nearly 40% from natural gas.  Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel with 96% efficiency from the well head to the burner tip. Electricity has a 31% efficiency from the power plant to the outlet.

Americans like choices and natural gas is a great choice. GCUD will continue to promote the benefits of natural gas and will work to make it available to as many residents in the communities as serve as possible.


Thank you for allowing us to serve you!



Allyson Horner

GCUD, General Manager