Year in Review  for 2022-23

GCUD celebrates 70 years serving natural gas to Gibson County and surrounding communities in Dyer and Obion Counties. We saw the biggest one day gas flow in the history of GCUD on December 23, 2022. While experiencing rolling black-outs from our electric providers, GCUD did not have any customers without natural gas service. We pushed our system to the limits and it withstood all the limits. 

Our employees work hard 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide a safe, reliable, dependable and environmentally friendly energy source for the communities we serve.  GCUD was awarded the Silver level SOAR Award for Safety excellence by the American Public Gas Association in 2023.

We battled the far left political viewpoint over natural gas stoves and the safety of natural gas.  We continued  to complete the sell of the CNG Station to a future of GCUD customer. GCUD is always thinking of ways to better serve new and existing customers, we did this by offering the sale and financing of home generators.

We continue to participate in civic events and promote our community for economic development.  As part of our 70th Anniversary we have highlighted a different employee weekly on social media and even  had a guest employee in March—Rocky Sham Rock promoting GCUD. 

By being strong members in state and national natural gas organizations we give our customers a voice. The State of Tennessee now has laws prohibiting municipalities and communities from banning natural gas as a direct energy source.  We continue to work hard to keep natural gas affordable for all our customers. July 1, 2023 brought an  increase to the customer charge and a slight increase to the community charges , we continue to maintain an overall natural gas pricing below the national average.

Innovation is always a driver at GCUD, we now use drone imagery in our GIS mapping application and are preparing to launch a web based payment app.  We are committed to serve our customers by continuing strong safety practices and best in  industry practices to maintain solid leadership for the future of GCUD.




Thank you for allowing us to serve you!



Allyson Horner

GCUD, General Manager