The Gibson County Utility District (GCUD) Board of Commissioners appointed me as the new General Manager effective September 1, 2020.  I have nearly 21 years’ experience with GCUD, therefore you may rest assured business under my leadership will be with the upmost professionalism and respect to our employees, customers and the community. My experience and working knowledge with GCUD and its team offers an outstanding and bright future for the community we serve. My leadership philosophy is empowering others and removing obstacles while upholding integrity through accountability so we can and will reach our goals and succeed.

I have lived in the Trenton area all my life and my roots, farming roots, run deep for my community. I have raised my children here and hope to see my future grandchildren raised here as well. I have a total commitment to Gibson County. I also have a total commitment to GCUD and expanding natural gas in areas not currently served and in offering programs to encourage more natural gas usage in your home.

GCUD has always used technology to better serve our customers and community. We will continue to expand innovative ways to offer the best product and service at the most cost effective means possible. We are extending main lines every day to serve new customers. We offer rebate and financing programs to all customers, including financing for natural gas central units. We are continuing to expand our service department and offer several natural gas appliances, that are on display in our lobby. Come check it out. We have patio heaters, fire pits, washer and gas dryer combos, stoves, and of course gas logs, water heaters, and wall heaters.

Some other new things going on at GCUD, include a new logo, new mission, value and vision statements, and more social media advertising. We are empowering our employees in order to offer a respectful work environment. Safety is the one most important core value at GCUD.

Core values for GCUD by which ALL things will be based on are-

Safety             Teamwork     Integrity                     Customers                  Responsibility

Innovation      Goals              Accountability           Commitment              Respect 

Our new mission, value, and vision statements reflect these core values and we will work each day to carry out the core meaning of powerful words.

It is an important goal of GCUD to work with all community leaders for the betterment of Gibson County, our state, and our nation. If we can serve you in anyway please reach out to our office, management team, or other team members for assistance.

— Allyson