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July 15th, millet ecological chain enterprises of China Science and technology Lining teamed together launched smart shoes. A total of two, a name is Lie Jun, which consists of 42 kinds of material, composed of 62 parts, through 182 processes produced, is committed to provide a stable running and shock the ultimate experience, the price of 399 yuan; another is red, its 160 after completion of the process, to simplify Lord, to help the entry-level runners improve cushioning and lightweight functions they need, the price of 199 yuan. The two running shoes will debut exclusively at Tmall mall in July 28th.
the two sides were pushing smart shoes, of China, this is another masterpiece of Western Europe following the launch of millet millet bracelet, scales. It can be said that it is a new attempt in the field of wearable devices. Continue to consolidate their position in the field of wearable devices.

for Lining, it is not only an attempt, but also an important symbol of transformation. Ceng Xiang, general manager of Lining's running division, said: "the move symbolizes Lining's embrace of new technology and new business models.". In the future, Lining product + service + experience three bit integration will become an important magic weapon for us to continuously improve consumer reputation and enhance market share.
how do the two parties cooperate?
Lining said: two running shoes are in the shoe bottom foot implanted wammy ipcore. Compared with the traditional running shoes, and have strong red Chun three advantages: one is running shoes and sports millet App connection. It's going to bring a whole new run experience. First, the data of runners can be collected in time; secondly, the data can be sent back to the runners in time to understand their movements. Including running distance, speed, route calories. Through these data analysis, to optimize a more suitable way of running.
these data not only have the guiding value for runners themselves. It can also be used to share social networks and interact with friends. Bring around friends to move together.

two opens the way of intelligent running in china. In Lining's view, relying on the original motion App millet tens of millions of active users, smart shoes can do two things: to strengthen the social interaction atmosphere with the launch of Lining's own professional training program; three is the sports equipment of these professional runners stimulate cell movement, make running become the main movement.
China Technology founder Huang Wang said: in order to make the two smart shoes chip more intelligent, China Science and technology by the world's top military helmet Bluetooth chip, built-in intelligent sensor, which can sense the runners in the running process of the movement and strength, in addition, also developed a battery energy management system. Through the above three aspects of technology, we have produced a pair of smart shoes without care.
According to the China Science and technology
Beijing general manager Wang Hui introduction: in order to sell smart shoes R & D run the satisfaction of the current science and technology of China in Silicon Valley and Beijing, Hefei three to set up a professional R & D team of more than 40 people. To prolong the battery life of China chip, in particular the use of intelligent power management algorithm to dynamically adjust the chip power supply mode. )

Because the
fueled Harajuku brand, another New Balance in recent years rapid hot, seems to have quietly set off a wave of Nike retro running shoes, think of the last is engraved for several classic series, it seems that this year is running in
and New Balance recently launched a new model, and with 420 as the foundation, released a U420UO. The shoes by the British Flimby (flimby) to build factories, not to say whether the work you must light its British identity is enough to make you the heart of it, and the color is the color of green, gray with a logo with stitching, striking white "N" word, it gives people a clear Xinming quickly feeling.

but the key point is the price of the shoes. It can only be purchased at 55 pounds and converted into RMB, but it's only more than 600 yuan. It's absolutely excellent for money.

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