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It took only one year to get nearly 20 marathons
Shortly before
, the Beijing TNF100 organizing committee cancelled a 8 year old boy's 50 kilometre run.

, an informed photographer, said the boy not only participated in the TNF100 half competition, but also finished in 5 hours last year in North Malaysia.

because of the contrast between the results and the age, the matter has caused a hot debate after the exposure, the parties are not one.
On the occasion of
children's day, the experience of this young runner reminds us of a 11 year old son of a running friend. He had completed the Berlin marathon of six slams last year, with a total of nearly 20 marathons.

let's take a look at the story of the trot friend.

(1) influenced by super dad, 10 year old children like to run
In the circle of friends of
in Chengdu, almost no one knew Wang Chao and Wang Runxi's "father and son soldier" for running, especially when they were 10 years old, they participated in one of the six grand slam and the Berlin marathon's Wang Runxi.

has taken part in nearly 20 big and small games in the past year, except for a small figure in Chengdu's major parks. Many adult runners are impressed by his running records.

and all this began with a chance by father Wang Chao in a foreign country.
Wang Chao and his son in the Berlin marathon raceWang Chao,
, 39, was the head of the "running Park" of the southwest first run group. Before he came into contact with the marathon, he used to live a healthy life, "no smoking, almost no drinking, and frequent access to the gym."

to travel to Dubai in 2015, temporarily run wild completed the first marathon. Although I had run through countless psychological struggles, but at the moment when I got the medal, "I feel I finally found a way of life, traveling in marathon" and I couldn't get rid of it.
, which is an impossible state, quickly transmitted to his 10 year old son, Wang Runxi, in the intensive action after him. From then on, this pair of father and son appeared in the run. And then, it expanded to Wang Runxi's 64 - year-old grandmother, aunt and aunt, and became a family run group.
Berlin marathon medals and photographs are mounted
10 years old Wang Runxi, all kinds of active. Weekend Park running, night running, cross-country running, every weekend training, running group running, and fitness training in the gym...
took part in the Berlin marathon, Wang Runxi had completed 3.5 horses, 2 10 kilometers of cross-country (mountain) and 1 15 kilometers of cross-country running.

, and Wang Runxi liked running very much, because Wang Chao found that he could always finish every running plan like playing, "sometimes."

November night, dressed in a certain brand of sportswear in the Milky Way Chi Wai warm-up, her group ran professional players are equipped with a certain brand of professional running shoes, but not for everyday use, only to run a shop from Grandview plaza. "You can wear it at a time, just like it's on the show field, not just running." Chi Wai said.

in a few short years, the "footsteps" of running events are amazing. Guangzhou is the epitome of the "great leap forward" in domestic running. Starting from the first Canton horse in 2012, running has been "burning" in Guangzhou. 2014 Ma formal registration start two days after the registration number has exceeded 35 thousand, the final closing of nearly 50 thousand people. At the same time, the characteristic road running activities such as color running and parent-child running are also emerging in an endless stream.

, in fact, behind the hot running of the whole nation, there are no longer running friends and enthusiasts themselves. Organizers, enterprises, public relations, media and even individuals are infiltrating and interweaving with each other. As a "depressions" of sports industry in recent years, the industrialization and business value of running has become clearer. And who can really grasp the opportunities is still unknown.

Nanfang Daily reporter Zhu Wei Xi Xi
a generation
runner up

was seen 30 years ago in Guangzhou, but there was little noise. In the 80s of last century, Guangzhou appeared the earliest long distance running team, the torch long run team, which was prepared by a number of middle school sports teachers. The long run team was a popular one, and Liang Lingguang, the governor of Guangdong Province, was a member of the long distance team.

1983, Guangzhou MPCSC hosted a Guangzhou marathon, the torch run team for the first time into the public view.

has more than 20 years of running experience, and the founder of the race club, Zhao Ruiqiang, has witnessed the growing ranks of Guangzhou running enthusiasts. He said that until 2006, there were not many fans of long-distance running in Guangzhou all the year round. "I know less than 10 long-distance runners, most of them are middle-aged people over 40 years old, but also elderly people. They are mainly in Guangzhou sports center area." Because the circle is too small, the runners in Guangzhou have not formed a scale.

in 2006, Zhao Ruiqiang first heard that running a marathon did not need too high a threshold. "At the end of 2006, one evening, I said to my uncle," do you want to sign up for the March 2007 Xiamen marathon? I remember that night, everyone was very excited. Is it feasible for us to run 42 kilometers? How long does it take? " After a brief discussion, the more than 10 friends decided to try the challenge.

was named in the Zhao Ruiqiang newspaper two weeks before the March 2007 Xiamen marathon. "The marathon will be able to sign up for two weeks before the start of the race, which is unthinkable in the national marathon in the last two years." Zhao Ruiqiang sighed. After signing up, he had more than a week to train. Zhao Ruiqiang increased the intensity of his running training, and finally completed his first life with 4 hours and 15 points.

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