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Chen Ding accepted an interview
running on November 19th - 2016 islands of the Zhoushan marathon will be held tomorrow morning 8:00 cool running. According to statistics, ten thousand athletes were invited to participate in the competition, of which 70% were from the field. The attractiveness of Zhoushan marathon for runners was obvious. Today, sina is also lucky to have been able to interview the Zhoushan marathon's Olympic champion, Chen Ding, to hear what the Zhoushan marathon looks like.

good air is the biggest advantage of the family running to reflect the national fitness environment

Zhoushan's beautiful scenery and fresh air quality left a very good impression on Chen Ding. Chen Ding said that the air quality in Zhoushan ranked the top ten in the country. It is very suitable for holding the marathon race. He also trains in Shenzhen all the year round, so it's a special favor for the coastal city's air. He will also actively promote the city of Zhoushan through social media, such as micro-blog, to get more people to understand Zhoushan. He believes that, compared with other domestic marathon, Zhoushan marathon, the biggest advantage lies in the fresh air and pleasant weather, many foreign friends ran from the Zhoushan marathon is a race to a fusion of country runners, to run around the friends of a deep exchange platform.

in recent years, all the marathon events are seeking the innovation of the event itself, and more and more events will add some interesting items. Such as family running, parent-child running and children running and so on. The Zhoushan marathon is also set up and run the family health run this project, Chen said, these years to set up diversified marathon also reflects now advocating fitness of the environment, many marathons will set up a family run and other sectors, to attract more families to participate in the sport of running. This is a particularly good phenomenon, will also have the opportunity to own with fans or their families to participate in the marathon.

recommends that ordinary runners enjoy the competition to protect the body

in recent years, the marathon fever has also become a hot topic of the whole nation. More and more people join the ranks of horse racing. So for ordinary runners, how can we run best? In this regard, Chen also put forward his own views. First of all, he advocated that ordinary runners should learn to enjoy the game, not to get the place in the first place. He said he was a professional athlete and had to do his best in every game. But ordinary runners are different. They should learn to enjoy the marathon instead of forcing themselves to get a place. Second, the runners have to learn to protect their bodies. Now many runners lack knowledge of the professional knowledge of running. Running postures can cause injuries to runners, and runners need to learn to protect their health.

race is more difficult than marathon to expect to deliver a satisfactory answer
next yearAs the Olympic champion of the
race, Chen also talked about the link between the race walking and the marathon. He felt that there was a great connection between the two projects. >

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