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The road race, represented by marathon, is rising up and down all over the country
's road race, represented by the marathon, is booming in the whole country, but injuries and deaths are also common because of running. For 100 consecutive days, I ran a whole marathon every day. Chen Bin, called the "first marathon runner of China", called for science. In order to avoid unnecessary sports injuries, amateur runners could slow down when they were running.

at the end of the day before the Hongkong marathon, a 10 km race in a 52 year old female runners near the end point line fell to the ground unconscious, rushed to the hospital after the emergence of organ failure, 13 died in the final, and in 2006 and 2012 respectively, the tournament with a player sudden death, one hand to send election 2015 after the doctor died. The Organizing Committee issued a message on the 12 day that a total of 64 contestants were sprained and 27 were sent to hospital after the game, of which 12 had been discharged in the afternoon of 12.

"my first feeling is that the speed is too fast. A lot of amateur runners rush to the end directly, which can easily lead to a fast heart rate." Chen Penbin said that many accidents happen at the end of 10 kilometers or half marathons. Sprint can lead to heart rate too fast, cause heart pause and lack of blood supply to the brain, this time people will shock and faint. When the body feels uncomfortable in running, it is necessary to reduce speed in time.

Chen Penbin said that the incorrect running posture is also the cause of some amateur runners who are prone to excessive heart rate during running. When running, the body pushes forward instead of "picking up the ground". During the flight, the force point is only on the ground for a moment, and the thigh muscle group and the calf muscle group are relaxed as much as possible, mainly using the hip joint strength instead of the muscle strength at the front side of the thigh and the posterior side of the calf. "With the same speed as the flat road and climb the stairs, climb the stairs when the heartbeat is certainly faster, because the body uses more power. In the same way, the right running posture can help with the body's thrust to save the effort, and then reduce the burden of the heart. "

Chen Penbin suggested that in the course of the game, amateur runners are less likely to enjoy the fun of taking part in the game than pursuing their best results. In addition, wear a wearable device that monitors heart rate during running to help yourself. In general, when the heart rate the best control in less than 165 times per minute.

"when it's running, it feels hard and I'm going to slow down. I used to run with brute force, now pay attention to running posture, running speed, but heart rate is completely different. Chen Penbin said that scientific running is good for health, avoid running accidents, the key is a word: slow!

, I feel very helpless every time I happen to run. I hope you can run scientifically. Accidents like this don't happen again. It is obviously more important than the champion to finish the game safely. " Chen Penbin said.

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