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Chen Bin pots running must appeal: learning skills, happy is not hard".

has just completed the 240 km limit marathon run Master Chen Penbin in Australia, noted in 10 Xiamen International Half Marathon 2 runners sudden death after the accident said he was very sad, in an interview with reporters, he ran to the vast number of friends called: running must learn skills, happy is not a "hard" run to do jogging safety, do not easily sprint to refresh personal best.

"hard" marathon "life insurance policy"

lasted 30 hours 49 minutes and 44 seconds, Chinese ran star Bin Chen basin 10 in the Australian state of New South Wales has completed the entire 240 km "coast to Kosciuszko peak" ultimate marathon.

has a "hundred days" Blackmer crazy record run God seems also participated in a "hard" game, but Chen Penbin said his race to see what is more important than, seemingly crazy game needs more rational and skills.

, which ended this year's "challenge 100 run" campaign, has been in a recovery state. In order to participate in the 240 kilometre marathon, he did 3 months of special training and arrived in Australia for nearly a week in advance for training.

"is very important to the local climate. Now it's summer in Australia, and the overheating of the weather is also one of the causes of sudden death." "I can finish the game safely," Chen Penbin said. "I can say I rely on technology. I know how to distribute power and save energy."

Bin Chen basin repeatedly stressed that the process of running speed and sprint is very dangerous. "For example, I have a strict control of the heart rate in 140-150 / minutes, and if it is up to 180, I will take the initiative to reduce the speed. I was fourth this time, not always thinking of transcendence, only on the last 9 kilometers downhill, I exceeded two people, this is the use of downhill inertia and skills. If I'm not uphill or flat to chase, some rather bad grades."

skills are very important, jogging safe

, who is now a very professional and confident Chen Penbin in the long distance race, says that he was very hard before 2013. "I keep running for more than ten years before, although the performance can also be, but if you give yourself to run scoring 3 years ago, I will hit zero. Before that, I didn't know what running was. "

"is it running on both legs? Absolutely not! The runners must be careful to learn about running posture, skills, rhythm and speed. Chen Penbin said, "long-distance running does not depend on brute force, for example, I do not rely on leg muscles to run, but by joints drive, try to make muscles less powerful, like pendulum, like less power, and heart rate does not naturally go up."

Chen said that the competition in different lengths should set a different pace for yourself and run at a reasonable pace. "Don't always think of surpassing the runners before, and the heart rate will certainly speed up when you go beyond. Now a lot of intelligence >

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