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doubts: Ming Ming has been very hard running, but has been thin, the weight has not changed, feel like to give up! It may be that you don't have the knack for running to lose weight, which leads to poor weight loss. The following 6 common misunderstandings, quickly look at what one of your own, and from today to correct it.

1 high calorie intake before and after running

some people will feel hungry after running in, immediately after exercise to eat food, in fact, never mind, but must eat "to" food, such as protein or low carbohydrate, ensure 150 calories, can achieve the effect of reducing fat, accelerate fat burning.

2 running time, distance is less than

if there is no eating habit, then you should review whether there is enough to distance and time, want to solid, not fat, the most healthy way in a month lost 2 kilograms, to exercise every day to reduce the intake of diet collocation, 500 cards, about 3 weekly exercise frequency to 4 times. A 45 minute, plus a little weight training can be reached, not a running 45 minutes also never mind, can take the time to cut, indirect training, 5 to 10 minutes, or a day of exercise for 20 minutes 3 times the way.

3 running completely didn't change

sports only by running to lose weight is feasible, but the biggest taboo is the same frequency, the same number of kilometers "way of running, muscle flexibility, if maintained at the same frequency and length, it will become a habit, can not achieve the effect of weight loss, in order to avoid this situation, can use different running speed and distance and sprint, the mountain and plain to hybrid training, increasing muscle endurance, if want to accelerate the effect of weight loss, the different aerobic and anaerobic adding list, fat burning amount and quantity in order to maximize the The new supersedes the old.

4 adjusted body state rather than body weight

is one of the best ways of running body adjustment, because it can achieve at the same time to reduce fat, build muscle to make muscle tissue density becomes higher than fat, which represents the weight, not less, and even may rise, but the body lines will be more beautiful, it is no longer just a beach soft and tender the!

5 does not really burn enough heat

this is a common myth of running dieters. After the exercise, the whole body is sweating, but not thin. The more you sweat does not consume a lot of calories, with the weight of 65 kilograms of women, running about 45 minutes can consume 495 calories, while the speed will also affect the calorie burning, in order to ensure that they have reached enough exercise, suggest you can use some app mobile phone test.

6 runs too much

don't think the more you run, the faster you get thin! In fact, running more can reduce metabolism and make it more difficult to lose weight.

Nike Roshe Run is no stranger to everyone, with its simple appearance and comfortable shoes outsole by fans, this time we see the 2013 Nike Roshe Run new vamp color is added some crazy patterns, including a variety of leopard print, many tropical color colour and two pairs of shoe uppers of bilateral asymmetric color the new. Want to see this, you must be very much looking forward to the introduction of such a color bar! However, this dazzling and gorgeous color must appear again in summer, so new products are expected to be released on July next year, and like friends, please continue to pay attention to our follow-up reports.

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1; u; R" K1 A. V Nike + acts a new KD6 color photos online release. The new color with a full black outsole and uppers, the tongue, the upper KD words is golden yellow, forming a strong decorative effect. There is no commercial news on the color scheme, and we will continue to pay attention to it. W'd& t% q" S9 T9}3 `

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